Are You Overpaying For Your Phone System? Consider Microsoft Calling Plans!

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All the helpful tips you need when using & adopting Microsoft Calling Plans for Office 365 are in one place! Download this eGuide of Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plan options for you to keep. It includes a brief history of PSTN Calling, Phone System benefits, user adoption tips, and much more!

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What's Next?

Calling Plans in Office 365 – Discovery Workshop

Are you paying a significant amount of money for your phone system? Looking for ways to reduce costs and lower maintenance requirements?

With the announcement from Microsoft on Calling Plans for Office 365 now being generally available in Canada, it may be a good time to consider replacing your current phone system with Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans. If you want a Cloud-based solution that allows flexibility, cost-savings, and convenience, a critical first step would be to participate in our one-day Discovery Workshop.

Calling Plans in Office 365 - Pilot Program

With adopting Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans, you can switch to Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allowing you to make calls over the Internet (instead of a regular phone line). This reduces costs and maintenance requirements and introduces work-from-home or remote office capabilities into your organization.

After you’ve gone through our one-day Discovery Workshop, the next step in your VoIP journey of switching to Microsoft Phone System is to participate in our Pilot Program.