By Mihae Ahn on January 16, 2024

What It Means To Be a B Corp? ProServeIT's Journey to Certification!

It was Friday morning. I was still on my holiday break. I was online during the break to make sure our B Corp certification journey went smoothly and finally got to the finish line. There it was. The email from B Lab notifying us of our certification. The 2.5-year journey was over. We were now proudly a B Corporation. I let out a happy scream.

What is B Corp?

Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies that have gone through a rigorous certification process with B Lab, a global nonprofit organization. They issue B Corp certifications to businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Legally, B Corporations have to consider their impact on their employees, society, and environment.


Certified B Corporations are part of a growing movement of people using business as a force for good. Across a variety of industries and around the world, these companies are putting people and the planet before profits and redefining what it means to be successful in business. Currently, there are a little over 8,000 B Corps across 95 countries and 162 industries.

ProServeIT's Core Values and Mission

ProServeIT's three core values are People Matter; Be Like Gumby; Do It Right. Our mission is to help organizations unlock their digital future. We are committed to making the world a better place with technology. We applied to become a Certified B Corporation® because we truly believe our business can be a force for good, that technology can be a force for good, and to inspire change for the better. Acquiring the B Corp™ certification is our way of demonstrating resounding commitment to our core values.

proserveit main values

The Journey Towards B Corp Certification

In the summer of 2021, we began taking steps to complete the B Impact Assessment to determine whether we could score well enough to be invited to join. The assessment covered all areas of our business operations, including:

Governance - evaluating a company's overall mission, engagement around its social/environmental impact, ethics, and transparency

Workers - evaluating a company’s contributions to its employees’ financial security, health & safety, wellness, career development, and engagement & satisfaction

Environment - evaluating a company’s overall environmental management practices as well as its impact on the air, climate, water, land, and biodiversity

✅ Community - evaluating a company’s engagement with and impact on the communities in which it operates, hires from, and sources from

Customers - evaluating a company’s stewardship of its customers through the quality of its products and services, ethical marketing, data privacy and security, and feedback channels

Companies that score above 80 are invited to become a Certified B Corporation®; ProServeIT was certified with a score of 83.8. Our public profile disclosing our score for each of these areas can be seen on B Lab's website.

proserveit achieved B corp certification

Personal Reflections on Achieving B Corp Certification

I reflected on why it was such a big deal to me personally that our company got the B Corp certification. Yes, it was something I personally put a lot of effort into during the long journey and finally the fruit of the effort was right in front of my eyes. But it is way more than that. It is a big deal to me because as long as I can remember, I've been deeply bothered by social injustice. I've been intuitively, keenly aware of the interdependence we humans have with each other, with other living beings, and with the environment in which we live. All of us are part of a gigantic ecosystem, both the natural and the social ecosystem. The impact of what we do, consciously and subconsciously, affects us all, not only the people and other beings that are living and breathing now but also the ones that will be in the future. I believe we need to have that awareness and bear the responsibility. Each one of us.

The Significance of B Corp Certification in our Business

It is evident that people want to work for, buy from, and invest in businesses they believe in. B Corp Certification is a globally recognized stamp of approval and the most powerful way to build credibility, trust, and value for our business. It is such a great feeling to know that doing good makes business sense. And it has to. That is really the essence of being a B Corp: using business as a force for good. I am beyond thrilled that we are part of such a meaningful global movement.

This certification is just the beginning. Maintaining our B Corp™ status will challenge us to be continuously dedicated to our sustainable practices and reminds us to constantly consider how we are affecting our employees, the community, and the environment. We are excited to do better.

Embracing Technology for a Better World in the Age of AI

Making the world a better place with technology is in our company DNA. It is especially true in the age of AI. In the age of AI, ProServeIT is deeply committed to using technology for good and to helping organizations do the same.

Let's B the Change and redefine success in business.

B-Corp infographic

Published by Mihae Ahn January 16, 2024