By Stephanie Baskerville on July 05, 2019

ProServeIT's Route 66 Cybersecurity Challenge



Today we are driving these two super cars around our office: a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder and Porsche 911 GT3! Why? Because we helped our customers’ Office 365 environment become three times more secure than the global average!

Four months ago, ProServeIT set out as a team to address a gap that we saw in many Office 365 environments: The default configuration leaves environments open to numerous cybersecurity threats. Microsoft has a way to quantify this value in the form of Secure Score. The global average for all Office 365 accounts was a Secure Score of 33. We wanted to be able to talk to our customers and quantify the efforts we go to in making them more secure. The goal we set out for ourselves was to double the global average for an aggregate average score of 66 for all our customers. We called this cybersecurity challenge, “Route 66”.

Today is the final day of our Route 66 Cybersecurity Challenge. We are very excited to say that not only did the team reach the goal of doubling the global average, but we managed to triple it to an aggregate average score of 99! Given that one of ProServeIT’s core differentiators is to apply a security lens to everything that we do, this cybersecurity challenge was an important initiative and this achievement means a lot to us. So, as a reward for achieving this goal, we are driving our dream car of choice to recognize the achievement.

We are thrilled about our success with the Route 66 Cybersecurity Challenge. The average score of 99 means that our customers’ Office 365 environments are secure and the chances of their environment being compromised is significantly lower. If you want us to take a look at your Office 365 environment and improve your security posture, contact us and our cybersecurity experts will be happy to assist you! 


Published by Stephanie Baskerville July 5, 2019