By Stephanie Baskerville on January 30, 2018

The 5 Crucial Attributes of Modern IT Consultants (and Why You Should Choose One)


By Pedro Alfonzo, VP of Service Delivery, ProServeIT Corporation 

It’s no secret that the introduction of Cloud computing has completely disrupted the way that technology has evolved, and this evolution requires a new breed of IT consultant. When selecting an IT service partner to work with, you need to ensure that you’re working with people who are up to date on the latest technology trends, can help you understand your technology options, can mitigate between the business and IT layers of your organization, and can offer you a full-service solution from the start of the project to its finish.

In this blog, we’ll explain the top five attributes of the Modern IT consultant that you need to look for when choosing an IT service partner, and how you can make sure you’re working with the most appropriate IT consultant for your specific needs. 

modern IT consultants

1. A Modern IT Consultant is More of a Generalist than a Specialist

As we’ve mentioned above, the introduction of Cloud into the IT landscape has revised the “norm” of ten years ago. Back then, the hiring requirements for an IT consultant was a Level 400 specialization in one or two of the major technologies. Today, however, the industry is generally expecting IT consultants to have Level 200-300 knowledge of several (i.e. at least 20-30) products/services that are available.

Tip for Finding the right IT Consultant

Ask your IT consultant prospects what they’ve studied and what they’re familiar with. If they’re quite specialized in only one or two technologies and don’t have a broader understanding of many various technologies and solutions, they might not be the right choice for your project.

2. A Modern IT Consultant Understands Solutions, Not Technology

With the introduction of Cloud and Cloud-based technology, there’s a lot of ambiguity out there for organizations like yours to sift through. Today’s IT consultants need to be more versed in understanding ‘big picture’ solutions, and put more emphasis on aligning the product/solution with the needs of your business.

Tip for Finding the right IT Consultant

Look for IT consultants who are tech savvy and business savvy, and ask them questions that show you if they understand what your specific business needs are. If they are proposing solutions that don’t look at the ‘big picture’, you may not get the results you want from the project.

3. A Modern IT Consultant Understands the Art of the Possible

With technologies changing so rapidly and the almost daily emergence of innovative technologies and services on the market, IT consultants need to understand the Art of the Possible. Modern IT consultants should be able to understand and explain how the technology they’re proposing can be used to help you solve your main pain points, but also understand how you can integrate that solution into a larger technology picture.

Tip for Finding the right IT Consultant

Determine if your IT consultant has assisted companies with long-term projects, or with projects that required multiple phases.

4. A Modern IT Consultant Can Act as a Bridge Within a Customer’s Organization

Many organizations, regardless of their size, can experience a disconnect between the business decision-makers and the IT decision-makers. Often, the business decision-makers may not know what their IT capabilities are, or they don’t understand technology, so they can’t make the most informed business decisions.

A Modern IT consultant needs to be able to act as that bridge within a customer organization, getting the business and technology people on the same page. They need to be able to explain to you – in language you understand! – the IT solutions being implemented, how they’re going to help meet the business goals of your organization, and what impacts these IT solutions will have on the organization.

Tip for Finding the right IT Consultant

Ask your IT consultant prospects if they’ve ever had to work in this type of a situation and ask them to share their previous experiences with you.

5. A Modern IT Consultant Stays Current with Changing Technology

Ten years ago, IT consultants used to be able to take three months to get up to speed on a technology, and that knowledge would last three to five years (until the next major release came out). The emergence of, and emphasis on Cloud technology has changed all that. The break-neck pace at which products are spinning up, being created, evolving, and being discarded is completely revolutionizing how Modern IT consultants need to approach their education.

Now, if you take three months to get up to speed on a technology, it’s likely outdated by the time you’ve finished your training. Modern IT consultants, therefore, need to stay current to be successful. At a bare minimum, they should spend time each week (although ideally it should be daily) listening to podcasts, reading technology blogs, following companies through social media, etc.

Tip for Finding the right IT Consultant

Ask your IT consultant prospects how they stay up to date with current and emerging technology. If they don’t mention continuous learning, they may not be as up to date as you need them to be.

ProServeIT – Committed to Hiring Modern IT Consultants

To ensure that we’re providing you, our valued customers, with the most relevant experience possible, ProServeIT makes a point to hire Modern IT consultants, just like the ones we’ve described in this post. Looking to explore some tech options for your organization? Want to know the difference that a Modern IT consultant approach makes on your next IT project? Talk to us today!

Published by Stephanie Baskerville January 30, 2018