By Stephanie Baskerville on November 09, 2017

4 Helpful Features to Increase Your SharePoint User Adoption


You’ve considered SharePoint for your team, and you’ve gone through the migration process. Now, you need to make sure your employees use the system you’ve invested both time and money into! The easiest way to get people to adopt a new system is to have it allow them to do less work than they currently do. Here are four features that will help your organization encourage user adoption by making their jobs easier.

ONE. Increase SharePoint User Adoption by Tagging Documents

Tagging documents allows your organization the opportunity to assign keywords (or tags) to your content.

  • What It Can Do for Your Employees: Tagging makes content easier to search for, meaning that your employees don’t waste as much time looking for the documents that they need.
  • A Tip for Tagging: Although SharePoint doesn’t have a set length for tags, it’s best practice to use single words or short phrases. For example, instead of using “Fiscal Year 2018 Budget” as your tag, consider “FY18 Budget.”

Sharepoint user adoption

TWO. Increase SharePoint User Adoption with Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting allows you the opportunity to target who in your organization is able to see what content. It is incredibly useful if you need to present information that’s only relevant to a certain group of people within your organization, for example, your sales team, or your finance team.

  • What It Can Do for Your Employees: Targeting your content simplifies your employees’ experience (hence, increases SharePoint user adoption rate within your organization), because they will only see content that is relevant to them, rather than having to sort through all the content in your SharePoint environment.

THREE. Increase SharePoint User Adoption by Creating Views

Views is another way for you to organize your files in your SharePoint environment, and it’s another way to make your content easier to find and increase SharePoint user adoption.

  • What It Can Do for Your Employees: Instead of having to browse through a large document library each time, your employees can create and save a filtered view that leverages tagging. These views retrieve the various documents they use on a daily basis. Furthermore, your employees can create as many views as they need, so if they have multiple tasks within the organization, creating a view for each function allows them to easily and quickly find the different content they need by switching between views.
  • A Tip for Views: Instead of saving your documents in various folders, use views instead. This helps you hide or show what your users need to see.

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FOUR. Increase SharePoint User Adoption with OneDrive Sync

A relatively new development to SharePoint, OneDrive Sync will allow users from your organization to download a OneDrive client to your devices, and sync it to your SharePoint environment.

What It Can Do for Your Employees: Instead of having to log in to the SharePoint environment, find the document they want to work on, and open the document in their browser, your employees can use the OneDrive client directly from their desktop to access their documents. They can drag and drop documents and save and open from windows, all through windows explorer. Whenever they’re connected to the Internet, those changes that they’ve made to any documents they’ve worked on are automatically uploaded to SharePoint without the need for them to do anything further. If no Internet connection is available at the time they’re working on the documents, OneDrive Sync will store the changes until an Internet connection is established, then automatically upload to SharePoint.

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Enhancing SharePoint User Adoption is the Key to a Higher ROI in Your Office 365 Investment

SharePoint has many great features that are designed to help increase your SharePoint user adoption and make your employees more productive. Why not give these four a try and see the results for yourself?

Need some help getting these implemented in your organization? We offer a SharePoint Design & Implementation engagement to help you fully utilize SharePoint and enhance user adoption. Drop us a line and talk to our experts today!

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Published by Stephanie Baskerville November 9, 2017