Activa: Office 365 Migration

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Activa is one of the largest and most active home builders in the Waterloo Region. To increase productivity and reduce costs, Activa migrated to Office 365 from on-premises Exchange.

Office 365 Migration

Business Challenge

Activa had been using multiple on-premises Exchange 2007 email systems, which were out-of-date and difficult to manage. In addition, Activa was aware that its staff needed a tool that makes staff-to-staff access and communication easier. Activa was also in need of a document repository. Without a central location where documents could be organized, it was difficult for the staff to access to and collaborate on documents.
How to boost organizational productivity


Office 365 portal and a hybrid server were created to facilitate the migration of Activa’s data to the Cloud.

Effective Communication: As Skype for Business was configured, Activa’s staff could send/receive IMs and check for staff presence.

Increased Productivity: A SharePoint portal allows Activa’s staff to save all their documents in a centralized, securely protected location. Document organization and team collaboration is now much easier.

Costs Reduced: By moving to the Cloud, Activa could reduce hardware and IT support costs as Office 365 allowed all users to be on a single system and be centrally managed.

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