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Azure Fundamentals Webinar Series

Our Azure Fundamentals webinar series for IT professionals is designed to help you understand the Azure journey from start to finish: understanding the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop, learning how to move to the Cloud with confidence, migration tools and techniques, and introducing Windows 365.

time 30 min      tarjet Recommended Audience: IT Professionals & IT Decision-Makers

Windows 365 is a new Cloud-based service that allows organizations to securely stream their employees' Windows experience - from apps, content, settings, and more - from the Microsoft Cloud to any device. But what exactly is Windows 365, and what does its capabilities mean for not only your employees, but your IT department, too?

Join Bill Kastner, our Azure Solutions Architect, as we introduce you to Windows 365! We'll cover:

  • • What Windows 365 is in greater detail (and why it's going to be your IT department's new best friend).

  • • How Windows 365 will provide hybrid solutions for the new ways we're working.

  • • How Windows 365 can help you to scale your business, provide work-from-anywhere capabilities, and simplify device management for your IT team.

  • • And more!

When: March 22nd, 2022 @ 2pm ET

Recommended Audience: IT Professionals & IT Decision-Makers.




Bill Kastner
Solutions Architect, ProServeIT 

Microsoft Azure Webinar Series

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Migrating to the Cloud using Azure

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Cloud Infrastructure Migration with Azure: Migration Tools & Tactics

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