Chris Greenfield
CEO, tiptap

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Chris Greenfield is a technology entrepreneur with more than 20 years of innovative leadership experience at some of Canada and North America's most innovative top companies. Chris has always had a passion for more purpose-driven work, feeling a strong pull to use his skills to give back. In 2018, Chris tapped into following this passion and began his journey of developing tiptap - a cash-free fundraising and payment solution for charities, and non-profits and other sectors that have been hurt by the continued disappearance of cash as well as other sectors also negatively affected by the decreasing use of cash. Now, three years later, tiptap is helping countless charities/organizations use the power of touchless giving™ and touchless payments™ to fund their causes and drive positive change in communities across the globe.

A session by Chris:

Evolving In-Person Fundraising Strategies for a Cashless World


Recommended for: Fundraising Team

Time: 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

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With fewer and fewer people carrying cash, it’s created significant fundraising challenges for charities and non-profits that have historically relied on impulsive, in-person cash donations. It is crucial for the survival of these organizations – and those who depend on their support - to find a solution to this challenge. This may seem daunting, however, there are simple solutions available. tiptap was created with a mission to help those helping others, offering a simple, secure solution for organizations to capture touchless payment contributions. Organizations like The Salvation Army, The Canadian Legion, and many others, have implemented the tap to give™ technology to bolster fundraising efforts. Join Chris Greenfield, CEO of tiptap, as he discusses how removing barriers for donors is a powerful way to recapture and boost fundraising results, and how charities can maximize return on investment using simple technology solutions and insights.