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Latest Episode - Episode #4

What is Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

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Mendez-Marc_ProServeIT1 Marc Mendez

Solutions Architect at ProServeIT


George Abou-SamraGeorge Abou-Samra

Principal Consultant at ProServeIT




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Episode #1

How you can use Azure Sentinel to proactively find and destroy threats in your environment.

Episode #2

How ProServeIT's Mailbox Guardian can provide a holistic security solution to end-users' inboxes.


A home security system is for your house. Azure Sentinel is for your corporate IT environment and data!


Turning Azure Sentinel on is akin to installing an alarm system for your house - you want the experts to do it for you! By alerting you and proactively taking action against potential threats, Azure Sentinel helps provide confidence in your defences. For CSP customers, ProServeIT will deploy Sentinel and provide a 2-hour workshop at no cost! This holiday promotion will be available until December 31, 2020.

Having Azure Sentinel monitored by ProServeIT is like having a security company monitor your alarm system. In addition to the monitoring, we will proactively increase security and apply artificial intelligence to your IT environment and data to better protect your organization. Monthly plans start at $2,000. 

Book a call to turn your Sentinel on now, and let's talk about how Sentinel can become your Data Guardian!


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What is cyber security?

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Best way to prevent cyber attack

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