The most frequently ask questions about Windows Virtual Desktop

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Remote Work Solution

Choose the right technology and solutions to create your own new normal in a safe and productive manner. 

Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) provides remote workforce with the same virtual environment where they can access all the business applications and documents. This ensures that employees can securely access all corporate data.
Office Capacity Manager
Office Capacity Manager app (starting at $0.75/user/month) helps office reopening safe for everyone. This device-friendly app helps companies to successfully manage who's in the office and allow them to reserve desk space to avoid overcrowding.
signNow, a cost-efficient e-signature solution allows remote employees to safely manage and e-sign documents from any device they use. With full integration with all the major productivity tools like Office 365, signNow streamlines the e-signature process and speed up document turnaround time. Start a free trial here.
Teams Smart Packages

Already implemented Microsoft Teams to enable and empower your remote workforce? Why not go one-step further with Teams? You can integrate your data and automate tedious manual processes. For example, a document approval process can be automated. All you need to do is to upload a document to Teams and it will do the rest. You will be notified when the document is review and approved by the responsible parties. See the details here.

Teams Voice
With adopting Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans, you can switch to Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allowing you to make calls over the Internet (instead of a regular phone line). This reduces costs and maintenance requirements and introduces work-from-home or remote office capabilities into your organization.

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