Microsoft Teams Webinar Series

Microsoft Teams is your ultimate hub for teamwork & collaboration, and provides a powerful and capable application at your fingertips to give you a place for everyone in your organization to create content, discuss projects, store data, and make decisions as a team. Whether you're using the platform today, or thinking of using the platform, this webinar series is your comprehensive guide to Microsoft Teams, covering Collaboration & Communication, Teams Calling, Direct Routing, Governance, Security & Compliance, Training, and Productivity.

time 30 min/video      tarjetRecommended Audience: Business Decision-Makers

Webinar #1

Managing Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Webinar #2

An Overview of Teams Voice & Calling: How to Get Started

Webinar #3

Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams: What You Need to Know

Webinar #4

Best Practices for Teams Governance, Security and Compliance

Webinar #5

Training Options for Microsoft Teams to Increase End-User Adoption & ROI

Webinar #6

Leveraging New & Exciting Microsoft Teams Features for Better Productivity

Case Study

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Coast BC: Microsoft Teams

Providing support and services to some of the most vulnerable youth in the community and their families, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC relies on fundraising as a critical part of their work.

With two significant events per year that provide them with those critical funds, they needed a new option for safely running events after COVID-19 restricted in-person gatherings.

Listen to how Microsoft Teams helped address their concerns

Learn how Microsoft Teams can improve your team's productivity.