Utilizing Comprehensive, Customized IT Infrastructure in the Professional Services Industry

In today’s globalized world, organizations providing the professional services face an ever-increasing amount of challenges, including the need to comply with strict legislation, the vital importance of protecting sensitive client information and documents, and a high demand for technology that enables enhanced productivity both from an employee and a client point of view. ProServeIT has helped organizations like yours for more than a decade, providing comprehensive, customized IT infrastructure solutions, Cloud strategy, technical support, and change management service.

ProServeIT’s customized IT solutions can help you:

Connect and Engage with Clients

We understand the ability to connect and engage with your clients is critical to your organization’s success. Whether it’s a customized app or an optimal Cloud strategy, ProServeIT can help you connect with your clients more efficiently.

Empower Employees

When you are part of an industry that sells knowledge-based services to clients, you are only as good as the people you have hired and so they need the best-in-class tools and platforms to be as productive as they can be. Work with ProServeIT to provide your employees with the tools that can help them do their job from anywhere, at any time, and using their preferred devices.

Secure Your Data

You deal with your clients’ sensitive information and data and need to comply with legal requirements to keep them secure. ProServeIT works with you to create customized IT solutions that can ensure your data is completely protected in secure datacenters. You no longer have to worry about hours or days of downtime and loss of critical data or revenue.

Turn Data into Insights

Like any other organizations in your industry and others, we understand that you have a huge amount of data collected throughout the years and want to turn them into valuable business insights. ProServeIT can help you utilize your data to make better, smarter business decisions and stay ahead of competition.

We Create The Solutions To Your Pain Points

CEOs/Business Owners

Looking to increase connectivity between your clients and employees connected? Do you want to quickly and easily pull customized reports? Dealing with forecasting cash flow and handling budget concerns? Whatever the issues you’re facing, we can help you with customized IT solutions – from giving you the right collaboration tools, like Office 365, to boost your team’s productivity, to providing you with anytime, anywhere business analytics tools, like Power BI, to turn your data into business insights, to protecting your confidential data using Azure.


Concerns around cash flow and budgeting? Trying to overcome the lack of financial metrics for your reporting? Trying to oversee your organization’s financial or accounting functions? ProServeIT can help you solve your issues with customized IT solutions – from implementing the right tools, like Power BI, so that you can easily monitor your company’s metrics, to helping you manage your pipelines with Dynamics 365, to keeping all of your financial data secure with Azure.

CIOs/IT Directors

Looking to increase automation and improve operational efficiency, while also decreasing costs? Trying to keep up with the changing nature of cyber-security threats? ProServeIT’s holistic, end-to-end Managed Services can help you efficiently manage your budget with predictable operational expenses, keep your data and IT infrastructure secure with Azure, provide you with end-user customer support and training, and much more.

Connect With ProServeIT

For over fifteen years, ProServeIT has been working with organizations of all sizes in the professional services industry, to provide them with customized IT solutions that meet their unique needs. We take the time to learn about your customers, your culture and what’s most important to you as an organization before providing you with a customized solution. Not sure how and where to start? Get in touch. Let’s chat!

Featured Case Study

PRODUCT: Office 365/SharePoint
INDUSTRY: Professional Services

This professional services firm specialized in servicing in the electrical industry worked with ProServeIT to empower its employees across offices and sites to share calendars, communicate, and collaborate with Office 365.

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