Azure Active Directory: Multi-Faceted, Integrated Cloud Services

A lot of organizations today are relying on Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Office 365 or Dynamics 365 to help them with their end-user productivity. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), a multi-tenant Cloud-based directory and identity management service, will provide your organization with the ability to grant single sign-on (SSO) access to your Cloud SaaS applications and allows your employees to use their primary organizational account to sign into all Cloud applications that they use to do their job.

In addition, Azure AD also includes a full suite of identity management capabilities that will help you secure your organization’s Cloud-based applications, streamline your organization’s IT process, cut costs and help ensure that your organization’s corporate compliance goals are met. If you use Office 365, Dynamics 365 or Azure, you already have an Azure AD tenant – it’s just a matter of starting to use it! And Azure AD provides easy integration to many of today’s popular SaaS applications.

Increased Productivity, Streamlined Processes and the Security You Trust

With its full suite of identity management capabilities, Azure Active Directory helps your organization improve your employee productivity, streamline your organization’s IT processes and improve your organization’s security.

An Increase in Employee Productivity

You can empower your employees by granting them easier access to the Cloud apps they need and give them self-service capabilities for the devices they love to use. The easy SSO experience that is provided by Azure AD means employees don’t need to remember multiple passwords.

Streamlined IT Processes for Your Teams

Using Azure AD, your organization’s IT department won’t have to set up individual user accounts in each of your SaaS applications, and, thanks to the self-service capabilities that Azure AD provides (e.g. resetting forgotten passwords, application access requests, etc.), your employees will need less of your IT department’s time.

Providing Your Organization with the Security You Expect

Azure AD allows organizations the ability to easily and securely manage access to your corporate SaaS apps, and, with multi-factor authentication and conditional access, your organization’s application security is improved. Azure AD also gives organizations the chance to monitor their application usage, and protects the business from any advanced threats.

Your Trusted Azure Active Directory Partner

ProServeIT is one of the select group of Microsoft partners across the country to offer support for your organization’s Azure Active Directory needs. Whether you’re an Azure tenant or not, our team of Azure experts can work with your organization to get Azure Active Directory working for you. Contact us today to begin the conversation!

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