Azure Assessment

Cost of the assessment? As low as $500!

With $6,500* in credits available to you, the cost for an Azure Assessment can be as low as $500, so why not start today? 

This is a limited time offer. Get started today!

* Conditions apply.


Limited-Time Special Offer! With $6,500 in credits, it costs as low as $500!

The Benefits of Azure Assessment

Get a detailed inventory of all servers and virtual machines across your infrastructure

Visually map all dependencies between nodes and applications within your infrastructure

Project running costs in Azure that match optimal usage and needs

Assess current security risks by learning exactly how your network communicates with itself and if outside connections pose a security threat

Determine migration readiness by identifying potential roadblocks

Discover the less complex applications that might make sense to migrate immediately and help you reduce spending with a hybrid solution

Azure Assessment Process

Learn about your business needs

including your existing infrastructure, operating systems, and any changes planned for your environment


Run the assessment in your environment

to report on system identification, performance and programs information, and network bandwidth


Perform a financial analysis

to accurately project your total cost of ownership (TCO) in the Cloud


Report possible migration scenarios

so that you can make the most informed decisions regarding your infrastructure

Quick demo

Watch Azure Assessment on-demand webinar to learn why Azure is a cost-efficient option to replace your current on-prem solution and what are the first steps for a successful migration. A live demo of Azure Assessment is included to help you understand its benefits and methodology.