Mihae Ahn, MBA
Director of Marketing, ProServeIT

Mihae Ahn_proserveitWho has time to read full paragraphs? Here is who I am in 7 simple bullet points!

  • Marketing is my passion. This is what I love doing and do well.
  • Measuring marketing ROI... Challenging? Yes. Critical? Yes. On the top of my priority list? Always!
  • The main focus of my career has been helping organizations with little to zero marketing to build a solid marketing framework, create a team of smart, ambitious people, and implement long-term and short-term strategy.
  • My favourite thing about being a leader - mentoring and seeing people grow!
  • My other passion is reading and continuous learning. Reading inspiring books is my favourite way to spend my own personal time.
  • Three values that truly reflect who I am - Authenticity. Integrity. Perseverance.
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Sessions by Mihae:

Modern Marketing Framework for Nonprofits: Amplify Your Mission & ROI


Recommended for: CEOs and Executive Directors

Time: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM EST

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As a CEO or Executive Director, you think long-term. You see the big picture. You are in for the long game. You are dedicated to your organization's long-term success. Here is a bold statement: The only way you win the long game is investing in modern marketing.

What is modern marketing? Building relationships with your audience by creating unforgettable, frictionless experience in the age of information overload. Information overload is nothing new anymore. There are even various new terms describing it: infobesity, infoxication, information anxiety disorder, etc.

The question is how we can avoid being another bit of information, another noise that clutters our audience’s brain - or worse, completely unnoticed - but create the long-lasting relationship with our audience?

That is the role modern marketing plays.

Designed for CEOs and Executive Directors, this session discusses what modern marketing is for nonprofit organizations and introduces a modern marketing framework - The 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework - to help you create a solid plan and roadmap so that you can ensure consistent ROI you're looking for.


Simplify Your Nonprofit’s Marketing with a Modern Marketing Framework


Recommended for: Marketing Professionals

Time: 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM EST

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Modern marketing, when done right, is what enables nonprofit organizations to achieve sustainable growth. What is modern marketing? Building relationships with your audience by creating unforgettable, frictionless experience in the age of information overload.

Marketers, it is a significant responsibility we have on our shoulders, isn't it? Do you have your executives' and board's full buy-in and commitment to marketing for you to do this important job, successfully?

Simplifying marketing and translating modern marketing’s role in your organization into their language will help drive buy-in and investment. So let's do just that.

This session will introduce a modern marketing framework - the 6PM (6-Pillar Marketing) Framework. Using a house analogy, the 6PM Framework simplifies your marketing without discounting any of the six important aspects of marketing.

Join this session to learn how the 6PM Framework can help increase the efficiency and ROI of your marketing effort. Various templates will be shared so that you can start creating your own 6PM Framework during the session.


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