By Stephanie Baskerville on October 10, 2018

The Top 4 Reasons Your Digital Transformation Strategy Isn’t Working


In this technology-enabled world, “Digital Transformation Strategy” is a big buzz-word. In fact, several enterprises have already embraced digital transformation by using a combination of Cloud, analytics, machine learning, and even artificial intelligence to help them streamline their operations or better serve their customers.

But having a digital transformation strategy isn’t always a piece of cake. In fact, according to Wipro Digital, only 50% of companies are successfully executing on their digital transformation strategy, despite demonstrated efforts and investments. This blog looks at the top four reasons why your digital transformation strategy isn’t working, and what you can do to turn failure into success.


1. Lack of Consensus on What a Digital Transformation Strategy Is

One of the biggest reasons why your digital transformation strategy isn’t working could be from the lack of consensus on what exactly digital transformation is. Each member of your executive team might have a different idea of what digital transformation means. Some may see it as a way for you to drive your operational efficiency. Others could view digital transformation as a way to boost your customer engagement.

What Can You Do to Fix This?

A digital transformation strategy requires you to look at all angles, and come to a consensus on what your vision looks like. You need to make sure that your entire executive team has bought into this vision, so that everyone is on the same page. Need some help with this? An IT Roadmap could be a great way to get everyone – both business decision makers and IT team – talking to each other, while also understanding your organization’s IT capabilities and how they align with your business goals.


2. Lack of CEO Endorsement of the Digital Transformation Strategy

Have you ever heard the expression “top-down leadership”? A digital transformation strategy, like any other major change to your organization, requires the highest level of endorsement possible.

What Can You Do to Fix This?

If your digital transformation strategy is stalling, check and make sure that you and other members of your executive team are on board and adopting what you’re asking your employees to adopt.


3. Resistance to Change

The recent 2017 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO survey says that the number of organizations with an enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy is up by 52% over the last three years, but one of the biggest impediments to success with those digital transformation strategies is the resistance to change, with 43% of those surveyed saying that they’re affected by this. Is your organization’s digital transformation strategy failing because your employees aren’t getting on board with what you’re suggesting?

What Can You Do to Fix This?

Recognizing that even the most supportive and cooperative employees can experience some resistance is an important first step. If your organization allows for it, giving your employees a voice in your digital transformation strategy can help to alleviate this resistance to change.


4. Trouble Implementing Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Another big problem that can derail your organization’s digital transformation strategy is the implementation of it. Many organizations that we talk to have trouble implementing digital transformation in their organization because they do it in pieces, rather than turning it into one, cohesive and coherent overall strategy.

What Can You Do to Fix This?

Before you implement anything, be sure to run an assessment of your current IT infrastructure and plan out how any new initiatives will fit into your full digital transformation strategy. Again, an IT Roadmap is the best way to map out what your IT capabilities are.

Mapping out your options gives you a clear idea in terms of where and how to start and which solutions to implement. Need some help? Check out this short video excerpt from our IT Roadmap webinar, or sign up for the full on-demand version here, which will show you what’s included in an IT Roadmap report.

Need Help With Your Digital Transformation Strategy?

Digital transformation strategy is all about making things simple, more enjoyable, and more engaging for your customers, so it’s important for your organization, and should be something that you should put time and effort into putting into place. Need some help with your digital transformation strategy? ProServeIT’s experts help organizations maximize their technology ROI by ensuring that all technology purchased is done so when needed, and is fully adopted by all users – in other words, we’re experts in digital transformation strategies. Give us a shout today!


Published by Stephanie Baskerville October 10, 2018