By ProServeIT on May 28, 2018

ProServeIT Corporation Helps Nonprofits Do Good & Fulfill Their Mission Through Cloud Technology Implementation


Technology for Social Impact (TSI) Group by Microsoft makes it easier & more cost-efficient for nonprofits to adopt the latest Cloud technology.

Mississauga, Ontario, May 24, 2018 –  There are many nonprofits out there that have a fervent desire to adopt the latest Cloud technology, but they have trouble envisioning, designing, and/or deploying that technology to optimize their missions. So, they put technology at the bottom of their priority list and try to muddle along with what they’ve currently got.

With the introduction of the Technology for Social Impact (TSI) Group by Microsoft, however, it’s become much easier and more cost-efficient for nonprofits to adopt the latest Cloud technology in their organization. Eligible nonprofits can take advantage of predictable pricing with standardized discount models and several Cloud and hardware offers designed for nonprofits.

ProServeIT Corporation is pleased to announce that we’ve recently been recognized as one of the Cloud Service Providers (CSP) who can help nonprofits to take advantage of these discounts offered by Microsoft. Our expertise can not only help nonprofits determine which license might make the most sense for their organization, but we can also support them through the implementation of the Cloud technology to ensure that it’s a smooth migration, with minimal downtime or data loss risks.

“ProServeIT prides ourselves on our ability to help you utilize what you implement,” says Eric Sugar, President of ProServeIT.  “We have a fantastic track record with Microsoft of eliminating ‘IT debt’ in an organization and ensuring that you are getting the maximum return on your IT investments.”

Working with a Microsoft-certified Cloud Service Provider, like ProServeIT Corporation, ensures that you’re partnering with a company who not only can deliver the quality of service that Microsoft demands of itself and its partners, but also a company who knows what’s going on and can be your go-to support network.

“To become a Microsoft-certified CSP, ProServeIT needed to meet very specific Microsoft criteria. We had to show that we invest in our own infrastructure, and we had to demonstrate that our support and billing capabilities were up to Microsoft’s standards,” Sugar says.

“We started to work with ProServeIT on Office 365 migration. There has been a lot of great one-on-one support,” says Tina Traini, Director of IT Systems and Solutions of Right to Play, a nonprofit organization that hired ProServeIT to be their CSP. “ProServeIT’s team was very transparent and had well thought-out plans for the migration. They understand the technology and tools better than any other vendors we’ve worked with and helped us to learn how we can leverage the tools out of the box.”

Similar to how IT innovation (like machine learning, mobile computing, ecommerce, Internet of Things, social media, and artificial intelligence) is disrupting the way that the public interacts with the private sector, the nonprofit industry is also experiencing an expectation to adapt to these technological advances and provide their donors, employees, and/or beneficiaries with a similar technology experience.

This shift in thinking has meant a huge push towards making technology a top priority for nonprofit organizations.

"The good news is, nonprofits can use the advances in Cloud technology that the private sector has developed to stay ahead of the curve and experience the same level of growth as their private sector counterparts,” says Sugar. “Updating to a Cloud-based IT environment, for example, will not only help nonprofits to reduce their overall capital expenditures and get rid of any obsolete hardware, but it can also help them tap into more resources, provide better collaboration and support capabilities for their remote and/or satellite “on-the-ground” offices, and make it easier for the nonprofit to scale as needed.”


About ProServeIT Corporation

ProServeIT Corporation (ProServeIT) is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner and Citrix Partner, specialized in a comprehensive focus on cloud transformation, managed services, software development, IT service desk and technology consulting services. We have worked with several nonprofits to provide them with the customized IT solutions that could give them a competitive advantage.

Established in 2002, ProServeIT was one of the first Canadian Microsoft Partners to spearhead the adoption of Cloud computing. To provide consistent 24×7 customer service, ProServeIT is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, with offices in Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, Paris, France and Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.

About Microsoft’s Technology for Social Impact Group

In January of 2016, Microsoft made a pledge to donate $1 billion in Microsoft Azure Cloud services to 70,000 nonprofits around the world – a pledge which they surpassed by 20,000 nonprofits in just a year and a half. Buoyed by their success, Microsoft formed Technology for Social Impact Group, which they dedicated to serving nonprofits worldwide by providing Cloud support to those who need it. With the launch of the Technology for Social Impact Group, Microsoft is rolling out various Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure, and other offers that will benefit nonprofits around the world.

Published by ProServeIT May 28, 2018