By Stephanie Baskerville on July 15, 2019

ProServeIT Corporation: Equipping Future Generations, One Droid At a Time


ProServeIT Corporation believes in equipping future generations, one Droid at a time.  “These are the Droids you’re looking for!” 


Mississauga, ON, Canada — July 15, 2019 — At ProServeIT Corporation, we believe very strongly in equipping future generations with a love of technology, and helping them to get a head start on their careers.  

As a part of this initiative to get younger generations involved in technology, ProServeIT recently donated three littleBits Droid Inventor Kits to the technology department at Lincoln Alexander Public School in Ajax, Ontario.  

“I think this was a great example of how we can create more opportunities for new generations to get involved with technology,” says Irfan Khan, Head of Project Management at ProServeIT Corporation. “We’d previously used these Droid kits for a team building exercise at one of our Annual General Meetings, with the intention of finding a school that could put them to good use and help them to make robotics more accessible for their students. I’m glad that Lincoln Alexander [Public School] received these Droids.” 

Irfan - Droid Donation

Caption: Geoff DeCarlo, Vice Principal of Lincoln Alexander Public School (left) takes delivery of the 3 Droid Inventor Kits from Irfan Khan, Head of Project Management at ProServeIT (right).  

“This is an amazing donation from ProServeIT that will allow more of our students to access robotics,” says Geoff DeCarlo, Vice Principal of Lincoln Alexander Public School. “We think the kids will really enjoy learning about robotics on these Droids.” 

 Gregory London, the technology teacher at Lincoln Alexander, was also quite happy to receive this donation. “The programming fits right in with that of spheros, scratch, and dash & dot. It is a great addition to our lab,” London says.  

 “Technology can be a very rewarding career, and we want to promote the building of a solid foundation for technology in schools,” says Khan. “Initiatives like this are, in my opinion, what sets ProServeIT Corporation apart from other companies out there – we believe in empowering future generations, and, furthermore, we’re going to equip those future generations as best we can.” 

 ProServeIT has also taken on several similar initiatives, like participating in Hour of Code, which is a global movement that helps to demystify “code” and broaden participation in the field of computer science.   

“These kinds of initiatives are very important to us to help these future generations understand that technology is something that they can get involved in,” says Eric Sugar, President of ProServeIT Corporation. “That’s why we’ve made a multi-year investment in Hour of Code, and I’m happy to say that we’ve helped over 1,000 Mississauga students so far. Some of our staff and I also volunteered our time to conduct some classes on robotics and programming, in an effort to help elicit more interest in technology from these future generations.” 

 ProServeIT Corporation looks forward to continuing to motivate and inspire young people into pursuing a technology career. Through our continued support of initiatives like Hour of Code and this Droid donation program, we’ll keep equipping future generations for as long as we can.  

About ProServeIT Corporation 

 ProServeIT Corporation (ProServeIT) is a multi-award winning Microsoft Gold Partner and Citrix Partner, specialized in a comprehensive focus on cloud transformation, managed services, software development, IT service desk and technology consulting services. We have worked with companies of all sizes in all industries to provide them with the customized IT solutions that can give them a competitive advantage. 

Established in 2002, ProServeIT was one of the first Canadian Microsoft Partners to spearhead the adoption of Cloud computing. To provide consistent 24×7 customer service, ProServeIT is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Paris, France, and Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. 

Published by Stephanie Baskerville July 15, 2019