By Stephanie Baskerville on December 19, 2018

ProServeIT’s On-Demand Webinars in One Place!


Who doesn't love webinars? As 2018 winds to a close, let’s take a look back at the informative webinars that ProServeIT’s talented team put together this year. Best of all, they’re all available for you on-demand! See a webinar that catches your fancy? Click on the link to sign up, then watch it again and again!


Office 365 Webinars 

These webinars are focused around Office 365: 


Maximize Your Office 365 ROI by Best Utilizing SharePoint

Are you interested in SharePoint? Are you already using it but not getting the return on investment you expected? This webinar shows you how to best utilize SharePoint to enjoy the highest ROI from your Office 365 investment.  

Are You Still Working for Your Data? Make Your Data Work for You!

Is your data still sitting in a spreadsheet? Or worse, in a filing cabinet? Watch this on-demand webinar with a live demo of Dynamics 365 CRM to see how you can make your data work for you by utilizing a CRM, like Dynamics 365!

SharePoint-on-demand-Webinar-eguide  Dynamics-CRM-on-demand-webinar


Phone System & Calling Plans + Bonus eGuide

Do you know that Microsoft Calling Plans are now available in Canada? This webinar is to help you understand Microsoft Phone System and Calling Plans from an end-user perspective. During the webinar, we will go over calling plan options, the tools used, and the benefits of Phone System.

Skype to Teams + Bonus eGuide

Microsoft recently announced that they will be merging Skype for Business into Teams. What does this mean for you? Learn about the upcoming changes happening to Skype for Business, the benefits of using Microsoft Teams, and see how to transition your organization.

calling-plans-on-demand-webinar Skype-to-Teams-On-Demand-Webinar-1



Azure Webinars 

Let’s take a look at our various Azure webinar offerings from this year: 

Getting to Azure: Assessment, Migration, and Security Considerations

ProServeIT’s Azure experts discuss the first steps in transitioning from your current environment. Watch the webinar to understand the Azure Migration Process, see a live demo of an Azure Assessment, and learn how to use the Azure Security Centre & Azure Secure Score.

Azure Assessment Webinar – Cost-Efficiently Replace Your On-Premise Solution

Are you looking for options to replace your current on-premise solution that is reaching its end of life or capacity? This webinar is to help you understand why you should consider Azure, and will discuss the first steps in transitioning from your current environment.

Azure-assessment-migration-on-demand-webinar Azure-assessment-webinar


Azure Migration Webinar

Looking for a cost-efficient option to replace your current on-premise solution? Consider Azure! This webinar is to help you understand the process of an Azure migration itself. During the webinar, we will go over the migration process, the tools used, and the benefits of migrating to Azure.

Citrix on Azure – Benefits and Best Practices

Is it time to update your Citrix software to the latest version? ProServeIT, Citrix, and Microsoft co-present our Citrix on Azure webinar to help you understand the benefits of moving from Citrix on-premises to Citrix on Azure. The webinar will also include a live demo of Citrix on Azure

Azure-migration-on-demand-webinar citrix-on-azure-on-demand-webinar-blog


See Azure Site Recovery (ASR) in Action!

With ASR, you can proactively protect your environment. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your environment is fully protected! See how in this webinar which includes a live demo of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) in action!





Managed Services Webinars 

At ProServeIT, we can help manage your IT needs. Here are two webinars that can show you how: 

The Case for Why You Should Consider Managed Services

Do you still think Managed Services is outsourcing? Are you aware of the cost savings by implementing Managed Services in your organization? Want to help free up your internal IT resources for important, strategic projects? Want answers to these questions? Then this webinar is for you! 

IT Roadmap – Leverage IT as a Critical Business Advantage

Do you want to know how to best utilize your IT to stay competitive? Do you have a clear picture of your organization’s IT capabilities? Do you know if your business goals align with those IT capabilities? If you don’t have clear answers to these questions, this IT Roadmap webinar is for you!

managed-services-on-demand-webinar IT-Roadmap-on-demand-webinar



Workplace Webinars – Through LineZero 

ProServeIT’s LineZero team was also busy this year, letting people know about our new Workplace by Facebook initiatives! Check out these two webinars we did below, co-hosted by Workplace by Facebook:  


Are Your Enterprise Communication Tools A Fit for What You Need?

A highly engaged workforce can significantly increase productivity and profitability, and lower absenteeism! Join ProServeIT's LineZero team and Workplace by Facebook to learn why over 30,000 organizations have chosen Workplace as their social enterprise networking tool! 

How Does Workplace Work & How Can We Use It in Your Organization?

Join ProServeIT's LineZero team and Workplace by Facebook for this on-demand webinar, where we'll show you how Workplace works and how your individual departments can take advantage of specific features to make their jobs easier. A live demo of Workplace is included!

WorkplaceFacebook-on-demand-webinar-1 Workplace-Webinar-2-on-demand


Published by Stephanie Baskerville December 19, 2018