By ProServeIT on May 15, 2018

How Frontline Worker Value Assessment Strengthens Corporate Culture?


A Frontline Worker Value Assessment is your way of determining how you can empower your employees to do their best work. In the cases that we’ve seen, frontline workers don’t always have access to the necessary technologies and tools to help them be as productive as they can be. But, if they’re not as digitally equipped to succeed as their corporate counterparts, your organization can end up with a major decrease in your organization’s overall productivity.

Frontline workers form the backbone of your organization. They’re ensuring that your organization’s ambitions are brought to life. They are the first to engage your customers, and the first people that represent your company’s brand to your customers. More importantly, they want to be more versatile and valuable to your organization! This is why it’s important to make sure your frontline workers have the tools they need to be successful – if you invest in them, you’ll see an immediate payoff in employee retention, increased loyalty, and enhanced performance.

In this blog, we’ll look at how a Frontline Worker Value Assessment can help you understand the needs of your frontline workers, and determine how you can equip them for success.

What is a Frontline Worker Value Assessment?

In this technology-enabled world, digital transformation is impacting every level of the organization. And, as we’ve pointed out, your executive team needs to investigate and develop your frontline workers to be able to provide them with the digital transformation they need.

A Frontline Worker Value Assessment is an assessment conducted by our team of experts, which will allow you to look at the frontline roles, technologies, tools, and processes in your organization, and determine how you can find new ways to empower your frontline employees to do their best work.

Why Should Your Organization Participate in a Frontline Worker Value Assessment?

Having a strong culture is vital to your organization’s success, and you should definitely include your digital aspirations when you consider what kind of culture you want to have. By having a high-performing culture that includes all your workers, including your frontline workers, you will be able to see employee-driven results.

When you focus on the culture of your organization, it helps your frontline workforce connect with your strategic vision. So, by performing a Frontline Worker Value Assessment, you can make sure your frontline workers are aligned to the strategic vision you have, and that they’re on the same page as your management and executive teams.

Simply put, a Frontline Worker Value Assessment ensures that you can share and build best practices across your company.

The Frontline Worker Value Assessment Process

The Frontline Worker Value Assessment is conducted in three phases. Below, we briefly outline what each of these phases entails:

Phase 1: Gathering Data and Sharing Information

In this first phase, our team of experts will walk various members of your team – from executives to frontline workers – through a variety of interviews and discussions. From these discussions, we’ll determine what kinds of frontline workers you have, what their needs are, what tools have been implemented within your organization, your corporate culture, and other valuable information.

Phase 2: Building Your Customized Roadmap & Financial Model

Once we’ve gathered the data we need, we’ll create your customized roadmap where we show you what we would recommend to digitally empower your frontline workers. This frontline worker value assessment will also include a corresponding financial model, which will help you to understand the costs of implementing what we’re recommending.

Phase 3: Presenting Your Results

Our team will then share our results with you, then discuss the next steps that are involved in your digital transformation journey. For example, our findings might indicate that an Office 365 migration could be the best thing to make your organization’s frontline workers more collaborative, and more productive. Tools like SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams can help your frontline workers schedule their shifts, and pass on important training information, corporate documents, new policies and procedures, and much more.

5 Key Benefits of a Frontline Worker Value Assessment:

Here are the five key benefits of having your organization perform a Frontline Worker Value Assessment:

Benefit 1:

You’ll be able to strengthen your corporate culture and community by connecting your frontline workers to not only each other, but also to the rest of your community.

Benefit 2:

You’ll learn new ways to deliver information to your entire team, including your frontline workers. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to train and upskill your employees, distribute your corporate knowledge to reach all your workers, and create opportunities for your workers to grow, develop, and even apply their skills.

Benefit 3:

You’ll understand how you can empower your frontline workers with not only the intelligent tools, but also the digital business processes that they’ll need to be more agile and meet the needs of your customers.

Benefit 4:

You’ll be able to provide better capabilities for your frontline workers so that they can harness the real-time expertise of their colleagues, use new technology like mixed reality, and collaborate easier.

Benefit 5:

You’ll enjoy peace of mind by getting a clear blueprint on how to empower your frontline workers going forward, and a cost analysis that will help you with an exact budget for the necessary changes you’ll need to make.

Microsoft 365 F1 Packages That You Can Take Advantage Of

ProServeIT offers 3 different Microsoft 365 F1 packages that you can take advantage of. The following solutions can be customized to best fit your needs and budget.

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ProServeIT will also suggest a deployment roadmap to ensure your organization is fully on-board with Microsoft 365 F1 in the most time- and cost-efficient manner.

Upgrade Your Frontline Workers Today – Let Us Help!

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – every management team of every organization that employs frontline workers needs to ask themselves whether or not they are effectively developing and equipping their employees – all of their employees – with the tools to be successful in this digital age. With the variability in worker roles and needs, you’ll need to make sure you deliver the tools to provide your frontline workers with the skills, confidence, and access to information that will help them succeed.

Take the first step into this new world of digital empowerment, and engage in a Frontline Worker Value Assessment today! Contact us for more details on the 3 packaged offerings mentioned above, or to book your assessment.


Published by ProServeIT May 15, 2018