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Microsoft Active Directory Healthcheck


Microsoft Active Directory is perhaps the single most important element of any Microsoft-based network. It serves as a central repository that keeps a record of your servers, your network access and rights permissions, users and groups, peripheral resources, the relationships between your network resources and the method of common communications in place throughout your network.

A well-designed and fully functional Active Directory can provide a tight integration of all your network resources and ensure your users are able to access whatever they need when they need it. However, Active Directory is a complex system of databases and auxiliary services that must be carefully planned and maintained. Without these, your network can experience permission issues, degradation or loss of data redundancy, unnecessary network communications traffic, unavailable services and more.

With an Active Directory assessment, ProServeIT can help you determine whether your Active Directory has been implemented in a way that is the most efficient for your business. We can also determine if there are any Active Directory issues that are preventing your network from operating at its peak efficiency. During the Healthcheck, your Active Directory is analyzed to ensure that its associated roles and databases are fully functional without issues. In addition, the AD is examined to determine if its current structure meets the needs of your networking needs.

The result is a full understanding of any Active Directory issues that are affecting the performance and integrity of your network, recommendations for remediating those issues and recommendations, if any, to better align the Active Directory structure to your networking requirements.


Target Organizations

Small to medium corporations that wish to determine if their Microsoft Active Directory is functioning at its peak efficiency and does not exhibit any issues which may degrade or impair network performance and/or access. The Healthcheck will also help determine if the Active Directory’s current structure meets the needs of a company’s networking requirements.



Varies according to the size of the company and its business goals and requirements.

Make sure your projects include the management and infrastructure they need to succeed.

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