Technology complexity has gone up exponentially over the last 5 years. Is your team having challenges keeping up with the pace of change? Would you like to spend more time focusing on your business and less on IT? We want you to spend every hour and dollar possible on your business. Leave the tech to us. We’re experts in IT managed services.



Our IT managed services are generally divided into 6 different categories: 1) We monitor your environment 24/7/365; 2) We secure your environment; 3) We take care of the administrative tasks; 4) We help you protect your data; 5) We provide you with reports; and 6) We provide your users with the support they need. For more detailed information, download a pdf below.

IT Managed Services



We keep an eye on your environment 24/7/365. This will give you peace of mind while we are online ensuring the environment is operating at peak efficiency.



We manage the perimeter to ensure that relevant safety precautions are in place to secure your environment.



We take care of the day-to-day administrative tasks so that you can focus on more important things.



We ensure that all of your data is backed up and protected, so that no matter the circumstance, you have data you can rely on.



We share all of your environment’s key metrics and performance data with you so that you have a good pulse of your environment.



We reactively provide your users with the support they need so that they can focus on productivity while we focus on IT.

ProServeIT’s IT Managed Services:
Click to download a pdf with details.



There are five steps we go through with our IT managed services customers: 1) Audit & Recommendations; 2) Standardization; 3) Service Initiation; 4) Support; and 5) Continuous Improvement. For details, see below or click here to download a pdf.




• We start by assessing and documenting the existing environment. This allows us to understand what is to be managed as well as to look for any critical issues requiring remediation (no backups, unsupported configurations, etc.).
• These observations are packaged into a mini “Roadmap” of recommendations structured as must-dos and could-dos. The must-do recommendations will require remediation prior to the initiation of service levels.
• The Roadmap will include pricing and timelines for mission critical issues.


• In the standardization phase, we execute the must-do recommendations in order to bring the environment into a supportable state.
• Once these issues have been cleared up, the team will be ready to begin service initiation.


• During Service Initiation, we begin deploying all of the tools required to manage the infrastructure, as well as outline all of the processes and procedures we require to support your environment.
• We will also want to share and document how to request support, who to notify when issues occur, what the escalation procedures are, and document any relevant business cycles to observe change management, etc.
• This step continues until we are prepared to handle any support issues that arise once support has gone live.



• After successfully completing Service Initiation, we will mutually agree on a “Go-Live” date and begin supporting the environment – whether that be Cloud support, infrastructure support, user support, or anything in between!
• This will also trigger invoicing – this will occur from that point forward on the first of every month in advance.


• We at ProServeIT understand that IT is constantly in flux and being attentive to the environment is paramount to ensuring IT is in a position to support the future objectives of the business.
• Via the ProServeIT vCIO, we will perform quarterly and annual reviews, both as a chance to look in the rear view mirror for opportunities to improve, as well as looking to the future.
• This will be the forum where we discuss future strategic recommendations to ensure that IT becomes or continues to be a differentiator and asset for the business.



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