Watch our on-demand webinar and learn the benefits of moving from Citrix on-prem to Citrix on Azure

This on-demand webinar also includes considerations for a seamless migration, cost analysis, and a live demo of Citrix on Azure.

Presented by Microsoft, Citrix, and ProServeIT

Is it time to update your Citrix software to the latest version? This webinar will give you the information you need to consider your options.

Switching from Citrix on-premise to Citrix on Azure provides organizations with flexibility, elasticity, performance and cost-savings (up to 50%), making the switch to Citrix on Azure very attractive for decision-makers.

Benefit One

Significant cost benefits from using Smart Scale

Why Citrix On Azure Instead Of Citrix On-Prem?

Benefit Two

Increased scalability and elasticity with Azure

Benefit Four

Device agnostic mobility

Benefit Three

Decrease your administrative requirements

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